Vito Brain You're uber-busy and on top of all of this you need to stay current with your industry and connected to your customers. All while keeping a wary eye on the competition and what they're up to. What you really need is a time machine, not to go back with, just to stretch your days and your energy to allow you to get more done.

You need to start off by pushing yourself. If you never use your brain, you won't even increase it's abilities. You need to solve puzzles and think about problems everyday. This is something your brain needs as it will be challenged. Read or listen to things all the time that will help you learn new things. Put more information in your brain so that you have more to work with.

Get plenty of sleep. Also remember, however, that the brain needs rest like any other part of the body. This includes adults as well as children so try to get about eight hours of sleep each night to wake up fresh and ready.The third tip is don't cut out all the fat! Fats are a necessary part of a healthy diet. It's the types of fat you eat that is the key. Healthy fats, Brain Pills power, improve and mood, promote healthy pregnancies, contribute to healthy skin and hair, and help absorb certain vitamins, among other things. Rather than cut out all fats, just be smart about the ones you do eat.


 Seek out healthy fats such as those found in olive and canola oil, nuts, avocados, fish and seafood, and peanut butter. Cutting these out of your diet completely could lead to unhealthy nails and dull, flat hair, unhealthy nervous system and stress levels, and spikes in blood sugar. A little good fat goes a long way. So make sure you work a little of these good fats into a well-rounded diet.